Awesome and Helpful Links You Can Use

Here are some great links that really smart teachers have found and shared.

They are listed in no particular order, you just have to check them out.

College Wordle

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Links you Can Use

*The actual Common Core main website

*Bridges in Math

Cool resources and assessment checklist


Lots and lots of free math posters

*Domino Parking Lot

Lots of math games using dominos

*Inside Mathematics

Provides activities for each strand. Suggested to do the "tasks" and not "problem of the month"

for grades 2, 3, and 4

*Illustrative Mathematics

can look at examples of math by domain or grade level

*Georgia Math

every grade, every domain, all prompts, assessments, activities

*National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

Anything you could want for the board

*K-5 Teaching Resources

Tons of CCSS activities

*Math Resources

Everything you could possibly need for math instruction

*Math Literature Connections

A gigantic list of books to use during math instruction

Common Core Standards

*Dr. Nicki's Math Blog

Dr. Nicki's Math Blog An amazing wealth of riches and information. All research-based and really helpful.

*Dr. Nicki's Pinterest Page

All you could ever need or want for math resources

*Kid Friendly Standards

Both for ELA and math

*Common Core Math Lessons

You'll have to pay, but they're good lessons

*Smarter Balance

Sample questions and performance tasks

*Teaching Channel

videos of great instruction

*SDUSD Math page

lots of links, including enVision pacing guides


Amazing brain breaks that are goofy and a lot of fun. Use these to help focus your kids, or give them a little mental break.


Florida's official standards website. TONS of information!

*Fisher and Frey

Two literacy specialists. Their website has many different literacy resources and PowerPoints with tons of information.

*Literacy Design Collaborative

teacher-designed writing prompts. Very cool!!

*Visnos Math Demonstrations

Holy cow! These are so cool!! I love the fraction wall and the fractals creator.

*Common Core Sheets

Lots of ready to use worksheets

*Worksheet Place

*Edmentum Common Core pages

really great articles on Common Core. The rest of the site looks great, too!

*New Zealand Maths

so many resources! I haven't explored them all, but in time I will. Let me know if you find something cool!

Common Core logo with Apple

Newest links from our most recent workshop with Dr. Nicki Newton (if you don't know her, get to know her. Check out her blog here.)

*Dr. Nicki's CCSS Resource Page

OMG! This is so rich with resources. She's got so much to offer. Check it out!!

*CKing Education

This link is to their CCSS Toolkit. 4 pages of online resources! I like the videos page.

*The Hunt Institue YouTube Channel

These videos were created by the writers of the CCSS walking you through different CCSS topics.

*Phil Daro's video: Against "Answer Getting"

Very long, but worth the 17 minutes. Very inspiring!! Get rid of "clutter in the curriculum". LOVE it!

*Illustrative Mathematics Fractions Progressions Videos

A great set of videos that explain how the fraction standards are organized and what they entail.

*Fractions Document by Dr. Wu out of Berkley

A clear explanation of CCSS fractions

*Howard Public Schools

What an amazing collection of assessments by standard. Really well thought out, really interesting. Check them out--it's worth your time. This link is for 4th grade (duh, I'm a 4th grade teacher!) but you can use the tabs on the right side of the page to find your grade level.

*Major Clusters from Achieve the Core

The Critical Areas came first, then they created these Major Clusters. Use them to help design your school year. Your students should have 100% mastery of the "green bucket" items.

*Core Progressions Website: The Handbook to the Common Core

From the Institute for Mathematics and Education from U of A. Looks at the articulation of concepts through the grade levels.

*Math Playground

Really fun math games. Check out this Mathematic Reasoning game. It's so fun!

*Ambleweb Function Machine

The Magic Math Machine for real. What a fun game!!

*Math Playground bar diagrams

Tape diagrams (or bar diagrams) is a strategy specifically called out in the standards. This is a great way for the kids to show their thinking in math.

*Alien Angle Rescue

A super-fun game to practice measuring angles. It's totally like the 4th grade SBAC angle question on the practice test. Try it out!

*Annenberg Learner

HUNDREDS of interactive activities and lessons. I'm blown away with how cool this site is. (Found by one of my students during math today, by the way. He was looking for geometry vocabulary, and chanced upon this site. GREAT JOB, PORTER!) :)

*Tutoring Resources from School on Wheels

Lots of links for literacy, math, and CCSS-specific sites. I'm a fan of the "Common Core Writing Samples" from Oregon Department of Education.

*PARCC games

math and literacy games aligned with CCSS.


The website from the George Lucas Educational Foundation.

*XP Math

Math games are arranged by topic and by grade level. Great resource for CCSS math games.


Jo Boaler's amazing website for both parents, teachers, and students. It's amazing!!! Full of resources, activities, and research on both CCSS and Mindset.

Youcubed logo

Links for math vocabulary:

*Math Spelling City

A comprehensive collection of math vocabulary lists

*Granite Schools

Vocabulary cards, activities, website links, etc.

*Virginia Illustrated Word Wall Math Vocab Cards

Super-duper really cool math vocabulary cards by grade level

*Keystone Math Vocabulary

Lots of graphic organizers for vocabualry

*A Maths Dictionary for Kids

A pretty cool interactive math dictionary

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