New UTK/K Student FAQs
Posted on 06/01/2021

Welcome to LPE!!

UTK/Kindergarten/New Student FAQs

*Note - this info is from August 2023

Day as a Dolphin
Our annual DAY as a DOLPHIN will be held on 4/19 at 2pm! At this fun event, incoming UTK/Kinder students get to come to campus, meet our teachers, and take part in fun activities.  Families are welcome! Meet at the Loma Portal library.
Past  "Day as a Dolphin" Presentation Link HERE
UTK/Kinder Playdates 
Save the Dates!
Summer 2023 Playdates are scheduled for:

8/11 10:00-11:00am
8/23 3:00-4:00pm

Meet on the Kinder Playground on LPE campus. Use the entrance on Willow Street.

All incoming UTK/Kinder students and family are encouraged to attend and meet some friends!
Meet your Teacher Orientation (UTK/Kinder Only): Scheduled for 8/28 at 4pm.

Our annual DAY as a DOLPHIN will be held on 4/19/23 at 2pm!
Past May 2020 "Day as a Dolphin" Presentation Link HERE

Is my child ready for Kindergarten?

    • It depends on your child. Children 5 years old as of September 1 are eligible for Kindergarten.  

    • Loma Portal will also have a UTK class (full-day program) for those children that turn 4 by Sept 1st. Learn more here.

How do I register my child?

    • If you are not a resident of the area and would like your child to attend Loma Portal, you may take advantage of SDUSD's School Choice program.  More information can be found HERE.

What is the usual start time? Can I drop off earlier?

    • The school day begins at 8:20 AM everyday. Please walk your child to the Kindergarten playground area or Run for Life area (see below).  Please DO NOT drop your child off at curb.      

    • There is supervision on the Kindergarten Playground from 8:00 AM until 8:15 AM.

    • When the Run for Life program begins (second week of school) a student may participate by running laps on the upper black top 7:55-8:15 AM. 

What is the end time? How is pick up done?

    • Dismissal is at 2:40pm M, T, W, F. Thursday dismissal is at 12:35pm. All Kindergartners must be picked up at their classroom door by a parent or guardian 

Is there a snack before lunch?

    • Yes! There is a break for a snack and a snack recess in the mid morning. All recess time is shared with 1 other Kinder class on the Kinder playground.  Parents will pack their snack each day.

Is there lunch everyday?

    • Yes, even on Thursdays. Please send a lunch with your child or they can get a hot lunch at the cafeteria using their prepaid account. Kindergartners eat with other Kinders at their own tables in the lunch arbor. 

Is there recess everyday?

    • Yes, two! Everyday a snack recess and a lunch recess, and sometimes a late afternoon recess. Usually recess time is shared with 1 other Kinder class on the Kinder playground which includes swings, a play structure, play house, bikes and scooters, blocks and other equipment specifically reserved for the Kindergartners. 

Are there bathrooms nearby?

    • Yes, there are bathrooms in two Kinder classrooms and also bathrooms right outside all K classrooms. 

What enrichment outside the classroom is offered?

    • Every week your child will attend the STEAM Lab, Library, P.E., and Music class. There are also a variety of after school programs, on campus, available for your child. Please click here for more info.

Is there small group instruction?

    • Yes, UTK/Kindergartners rotate different centers/stations during the day. The teacher is then able to work with a small group of students at a time to really help develop their skills.  

    • For 2023-24, class size in grades UTK through 3rd grade is 24 students per class.

Can I volunteer in my child's class?

    • Parents are encouraged to volunteer in the Kinder classroom, especially in the morning rotations, to help with the activity or read to them. First, please complete the volunteer forms. Then contact your teacher to set up a time: weekly, bi-monthly, or whatever works for you. 

Is there homework in kindergarten?

    • Not the first weeks. Usually homework is distributed Monday in a folder that your child brings back on Friday. It includes extra enrichment for your child to do at home and with you. 

Are there field trips?

    • Yes, in the Spring all Kindergarteners go to the San Diego Zoo on a bus provided by the Foundation. There is also usually a field trip to Sea World in May. Both are very exciting trips for your child.  We advise you to purchase a Loma Portal logo wear shirt so your child is easy to spot on a field trip.

How can I meet other incoming K families?

    • Please come to the Summer Playdate days scheduled over the summer on the K playground. Incoming kindergarteners and their families are encouraged to come play and meet other families. 

Is there before and after school care? 

    • Yes, Klassic Kids is offered at Loma Portal before and after school, as well as YMCA after school, and several other programs.  Learn more here.

Is the campus secure?

    • The kindergarten gate is locked at 8:25am and all other gates are locked by 8:45am. If you must remain on campus after the bell rings, you must go to the office and sign in.  Loma Portal also has a newly installed PA system that is audible to the entire campus in case of emergency announcements.

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